Internet Latin Circle

Internet Group for chatting in Latin using Skype

Greetings to all members and everyone wishing to chat online using Skype!

This is a Latin Internet site which aims to encourage and make easier the cultivation of Latin as a living language via the Internet. The group uses Skype to give members the opportunity of talking amongst themselves. To this end, there is a list on the site of all members who have so far given their Skype identities.

If you have an interest in talking in Latin and wish to join the group, please send an e-mail to Francisca Parva together with your name, Skype name and persona and country. You do not need to be skilled either in Latin or in talking - we are a mix of fluent speakers and beginners in Latin. If you wish, you may indicate in the list that you are a beginner either in talking or in Latin.

However, this isn’t a group which meets up at certain times, but simply a list of names of people who want to talk in Latin (and hopefully one or two in Greek) using Skype. Such a list may be even more necessary now that Skype have removed the ‘search by language’ facility, at least in the free version.

It is up to individuals to contact each other via Skype if they wish to find someone to talk to. If you are looking for resources for learning Latin or for spoken Latin, please use the ‘Nexus’ pages. They are not comprehensive but will direct you to plenty of useful sites.

Other places which you may find useful are the Greek and Latin study groups (Mailing lists and study groups), Textkit (Greek and Latin Learning Tools), Schola (forum, chatrooms) and for Ancient Greek (in particular Koine) Schole (forum,chatrooms) 


PDF - Skype ‘How to guide for spoken Latin’ written and provided by Andrew Reinhard (with pictures).

The site also provides links and articles pertaining to Latin as a living language. If you wish to send some for the site, please send an e-mail.

You may also give your names for talking in Ancient Greek! News, articles and links about talking in Greek and about conventions pertaining to the cultivation of this language viva voce may be sent to us in order to be published on the site. The Ancient Greek section may be found here.

Quod bonum, faustum, felix fortunatumque sit!

May heaven’s blessing be upon this enterprise!!



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